Also, here’s some of the judge’s presentencing statement. I didn’t capture the whole thing, but you can go watch if you want to, and it was long. Even sitting here today, there’s no remorse for what you did, after all this evidence at trial, there’s no remorse. You haven’t done anything to seek leniency from this court. You may not believe to this day that you’ve done anything wrong, and that you’re justified by your religious beliefs, he’s ready to sentence. he’s asking defense and defendant to stand.   1. Count 2 in order of sentence, Tylee Ryan 1st degree murderFixed determinant life 2. Count 4 1st degree murder, JJ Vallow Fixed determinant life sentence. 3. Count 1, conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder Tylee Ryan fixed life sentence. 4. Count 3, Conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder JJ Vallow fixed determinant life sentence. 5. Count 5 Conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder, Tami Daybell, fixed determinant life sentence. 6. Count 7, grand theft, fixed term of 5 years, indeterminant term of 5 years for a total term of 10 years. Now he moves onto whether they should consect or concur.     Counts 2 and 4 wiwll consect, count 5 will consect with count 4 and count 2. She’ll serve the remaining 3 counts at the same time. Court is emposing fines of $25000, and $5000 for the 3 victims. $22000 for the SSA. All fixed determinant sentences are without parole.