• Explaining my lack of posting status.

    My current caregiver and I had a back-and-forth last Thursday over what she considers to be me shipwrecking my conscience and possibly rejecting faith… Uh… she’s a non-believer. I reported her to the agency for attending to personal erends on her shifts. It continued today, and she’s given the position back to the agency for replacement. I really need prayer about who the next caregiver will be!! the Current person said i was complaining about her. I’ve had major issues with this over the weekend and it’s really affected me. I’ve been extremely anxious. I’ve also had a headache that hasn’t gone away yet.

  • My caregiver called out sick yesterday and today, so I’m having a case manager from the agency come in and fill medication boxes. I take lots of meds so it’s helpful to have those to keep track. When I open the windows to get some fresh air circulating, there was some construction going on outside. A maintenance man was putting in a new window for an apartment near me.

  • Last week, I did the thing I’ve been needing to do for almost the last year, I bought a new computer! Everything’s all up and running now, and working perfectly! I’m still tweaking little things, installing extensions, preferences, etc. I’m sure that in a couple days, I’ll have everything all finished.

  • The parachute's name was Dave.

    No, I have no idea why Dave. That’s just what my instructor said that particular parachute’s name was. I asked him why not name the parachute wings? Because you know, I mean they kind of keep you up in the air for a few minutes and let you fly around. Oh, then he told me, they have parachutes that do zero G, and go faster, so I was like, why not zipper? Not sure why we’re naming parachutes, but OK. I guess it’s just something they do up there. Anyway, we did a whole bunch of spins. After the spins, the parachute would swing each time. That’s what makes you weightless!! I mean of course you’re definitely weightless on freefall. It’s the biggest wall of wind you’ve ever felt. When I say the biggest wall of wind, the person who was with me, and went for the first time, my caregiver’s friend, I don’t think really believed me. You actually lay on your stomach on the wind while freefalling. The whole time we were flying up there in the airplane, my left leg was right near the instrument panel. I was about to tell the pilot, if you need help flying, my leg will take over lol. Of course I tried to move my leg. I just didn’t put it right next to the flight panel. However the plane was really small. I was sitting on a pad on the floor, the pilot had a seat, my instructor was behind me, and the other two were in the back. Both times I went last time, I got to put my foot out on the tire. this time there was a step out there. I’ve been able to do the procedures all three times. I did pay for the entire package. I got video clips. The instructor mounts a gopro camera on his wrist. He recorded 7 short video clips of us all excited and cheering like .banshees before we boarded the plane. I said it’s my birthday and I’m turning 40… in the video!! I’m going to just post the link here, although the URL is location-specific, I’m going to shorten it. I couldn’t get it to play on the website. I downloaded the files and was able to get them to work. Apparently they don’t give out well… public… dropbox links anymore so I can’t put the files up there, and just post that. I tried sending that to a friend, and he said it made him log in.[https://is.gd/dLvZpy]

  • I leave here in a few hours to go skydiving!! I’m definitely looking forward to doing something I haven’t done in almost 20 years. Am I a little nervous? Sure I am, but that’s a normal part of the process. Oh, and things are different like 20 years later. I’m sure it’s still going to be fun though, no question about that!

  • Using chat GPT for accessibility and document formatting.

    A couple weeks ago all 6 weeks of the Depp V heard transcripts were unsealed. This includes all the side bars. However, they’re all image PDFs. We all know that I followed that case last year, when it was televised. I really don’t need to read the entire transcripts over again, just all the side bars that weren’t streamed. It’s easy to fix image PDFs with screen readers that hve built-in OCR programs. In fact, that’s what I use to fix most of them now. However, it does present a structuring issue. If I could put something in the text files to tel me when the side bars were happening, I’d be able to find them easier. Wait, if I could make them into web interfaces, and read them in the browser, I could read them easier. If I could put HTML headings when a side bar begins, I could really start to have a good document structure happening. That would take me days. Probably weeks, maybe longer, depending. If I could find someone to do this for me. Nah, too expensive. If I could find something to do this for me. Hey, what about chat GPT? I’ve never really used GPT in my life, except for to play around with it for like a half hour or so. This is how the process will most likely go. My OCR program will turn the image PDF into cleartext, so the screen reader can read it. I’ll take the text out of the virtualized results buffer and place it into a text file so that I have kind of like a forensic working copy. I’ve lost converted documents before, and have had to re-convert.I usually make a second file to edit from after that. Copy and paste the documents into the editing file. I’ll give GPT the increments from that file. I’ll place the increments into GPT with the following prompt: 1. Find: May I approach? may we approach? counsel, please approach. your honor, may we have a side bar? Counsel let’s have a side bar. Judge, can we come side bar? 2. place opening HTML head and body tags in the document. 3. Place level 2 headings whenever the words, “may I approach? or “may we approach?” or “counsel, please approach” or “may we have a side bar?” or “your honor, may we have a side bar? or “counsel, let’s have a side bar,” or “Judge, “can we come side bar?“in the document. 4. Finish the document by closing the head and body tags. I’ll take the GPT output and paste it into an HTML document named for that particular transcript. I’m thinking all this should work fine. However I’m not really sure. I mean, I tried to do this for a case in 2014 and failed because we didn’t have GPT, oh and it was only one 148 page document that the screen reader’s OCR program choked on. Although I’ve done them since then and it’s been fine. Here’s the prompt generator I used. hallanalysis.com/chatgpt-p… .

  • My caregiver told me that she was leaving on a week long trip a couple days ago. She won’t be back to work until most likely next Thursday which is the day before my birthday, and the day before we go up to go Skydiving. Needless to say, I was a bit upset. Things happen, but usually not sudden out-of-town camping trips.

  • I had an epic time at the fair today! I’m pretty sure that we went on almost every ride there was. I think I’ve spun a decent amount, and now I’m done spinning, but only for a short time. I’ll be going skydiving in exactly 15 days for my birthday. those parachute spins are the most fun things!

  • I’ll be going to the fair today. Something I haven’t done in like 10 years. My caregiver’s son will be taking me on rides. Should be fun

  • This article actually made me really realize I’m 21 days from turning 40. I’ve followed the case of Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning for 13 years. It’s been 10 years since the judge made the decision in that case. I was turning 30 when that happened. https://thedissenter.org/ten-years-after-the-us-military-verdict-against-chelsea-manning/?link_id=13&can_id=9628d61b9603a5a80293c4bd515b0ad6&source=email-freeassange-update-roger-waters-calls-on-the-world-to-join-the-choir&email_referrer=email_2008996&email_subject=freeassange-update-australians-to-blinken-bring-julian-assange-home

  • We floated the river yesterday.

    Yesterday was a lot of fun. In the end we didn’t start until 4, because my caregiver forgot to bring her truck to work, and the inner tubes were in her truck. She had to run back to her house to get them. The river was pretty shallow in some spots where we were floating. I got stuck on a rock twice and had to push my tube off lol. That’s OK I knew exactly how to let the tube hit rocks without me doing so. The way you do this is if you’ve ever seen bridge pose, that’s exactly what you do. You just want to get the lower half of yourself off the tube, so you don’t hit anything.

  • Lori Vallow's full sentence.

    Also, here’s some of the judge’s presentencing statement. I didn’t capture the whole thing, but you can go watch if you want to, and it was long. Even sitting here today, there’s no remorse for what you did, after all this evidence at trial, there’s no remorse. You haven’t done anything to seek leniency from this court. You may not believe to this day that you’ve done anything wrong, and that you’re justified by your religious beliefs, he’s ready to sentence. he’s asking defense and defendant to stand.   1. Count 2 in order of sentence, Tylee Ryan 1st degree murderFixed determinant life 2. Count 4 1st degree murder, JJ Vallow Fixed determinant life sentence. 3. Count 1, conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder Tylee Ryan fixed life sentence. 4. Count 3, Conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder JJ Vallow fixed determinant life sentence. 5. Count 5 Conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder, Tami Daybell, fixed determinant life sentence. 6. Count 7, grand theft, fixed term of 5 years, indeterminant term of 5 years for a total term of 10 years. Now he moves onto whether they should consect or concur.     Counts 2 and 4 wiwll consect, count 5 will consect with count 4 and count 2. She’ll serve the remaining 3 counts at the same time. Court is emposing fines of $25000, and $5000 for the 3 victims. $22000 for the SSA. All fixed determinant sentences are without parole.

  • Should probably explain what fixed and indeterminant are. Idaho doesn’t have LWOP sentencing, so fixed is the closest thing they have to that. Indeterminant is exactly what it says, they can get out whenever, it’s undetermined.

  • Defense asks for 20 years fixed, with indeterminant term of life.

  • We’re taking a 30 minute recess, and then the defense will allocute on behalf of their client.

  • He just asked for $50000 for each count, restitution for social security in the amount of $22000 as well.

  • Requested sentencing recommendations, as per Rob Wood, of the State. 1. Count 1, the conspiracy to kill Tylee the state asks for fixed life without parole 2. Count 2, 1st degree murder Tylee Ryan, fixed life to concur with count 1, 3. Count 3 conspiracy to commit murder, JJ Vallow state request fixed life without parole, to run consecutively with count 1. 4. Count 4 1st degree murder, JJ Vallow, States request, fixed life without parole, concurs with count 3, but consects with 1 and 2.

    1. Count 5 conspiracy to commit murder, Tammi Daybell, fixed life without parole, consects with them all, it seems like. 6 . Count 6, but count 7 on the indictment, Grand theft the state is asking for 20 years.
    2. The state is requesting a fine of $5000 to be payed to the next of Kin of Tylee and JJ.
  • Lori Vallow is being sentenced today for the conviction on the 1st degree murder charges for her kids, and the conspiracy charges. The proceedings are being streamed live here. www.youtube.com/watch

  • Birthday party

    We had my niece’s 3rd birthday party today. It went pretty well. I had to figure out why my family decided not to take me with them to dinner on Tuesday for her actual birthday, no one texted or called me, but I guess that’s just routine at this point. I actually found out about that whole thing, because my Grandma called me out of the blue last week, and told me. She said that she was sorry she told me, and to not say anything. However, I did, so I felt the need to call Grandma back and warn her just now lol.

  • Blogging 20 years.

    I started blogging 20 years ago today. I’ve been through a whole lot of blogs, and blog platforms. I was nearly 20 back then, I’m now almost 40, my birthday is the 25th of next month. I plan to skydive again, just like I did in 2000, and 2004. this time, I’ll bring back the evidence for upload. I kind of can and kind of can’t believe I’ve had a blog that long. Time flies, I guess. Anyway, today was just a regular day, I had a doctor’s appointment, my 6 month endochrinology follow-up. Everything went well. We went out to lunch first. I said we should go to Applebees, because they take forever, and they took the entire time we needed to get to the appointment, lol.

  • The most ridiculous statement ever!

    I was talking to mom on the phone .., and she told me they were reserving a family vacation to Mexico. However, she told me if I wanted to go, my caregiver needed to come with me. that’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard!! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where nine people can’t figure out how to help one person on vacation, unless the person needs serious medical help. Or their completely paralyzed and need a caregiver there, because they need someone to help transfer. Sometimes life makes you want to stand up and object, so remember this from Depp V Heard last year? www.youtube.com/watch

  • My Fourth of July.

    Yesterday I went out of town with my caregiver to go shopping for coffee syrup of all things. We went to a fudge place, and I got fudge too. We also stopped at a restaraunt and we all had some form of fish. Today I thought I was going to have to go have blood work done. I thought my twice yearly endocrinology appointment was next Wednesday. Instead it’s the 17th, the same day I have Botox. Needless to say, that’s getting rescheduld.

  • Just back from church. I’ll be attending a Father’s day celebration for my dad later. Happy Father’s day to everyone.

  • Well I have a busy weekend ahead, starting today. It’s my sister’s birthday, and we’re going out o town for dinner. Apparently not just dinner though, because we have to leave around 12. Tomorrow’s Father’s day, and we’re having a barbicue.

  • I knew that something around this time was familiar. Turns out it’s 10 years since the Snowden revelations. www.theguardian.com/us-news/2…

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