Requested sentencing recommendations, as per Rob Wood, of the State. 1. Count 1, the conspiracy to kill Tylee the state asks for fixed life without parole 2. Count 2, 1st degree murder Tylee Ryan, fixed life to concur with count 1, 3. Count 3 conspiracy to commit murder, JJ Vallow state request fixed life without parole, to run consecutively with count 1. 4. Count 4 1st degree murder, JJ Vallow, States request, fixed life without parole, concurs with count 3, but consects with 1 and 2.

  1. Count 5 conspiracy to commit murder, Tammi Daybell, fixed life without parole, consects with them all, it seems like. 6 . Count 6, but count 7 on the indictment, Grand theft the state is asking for 20 years.
  2. The state is requesting a fine of $5000 to be payed to the next of Kin of Tylee and JJ.