No, I have no idea why Dave. That’s just what my instructor said that particular parachute’s name was. I asked him why not name the parachute wings? Because you know, I mean they kind of keep you up in the air for a few minutes and let you fly around. Oh, then he told me, they have parachutes that do zero G, and go faster, so I was like, why not zipper? Not sure why we’re naming parachutes, but OK. I guess it’s just something they do up there. Anyway, we did a whole bunch of spins. After the spins, the parachute would swing each time. That’s what makes you weightless!! I mean of course you’re definitely weightless on freefall. It’s the biggest wall of wind you’ve ever felt. When I say the biggest wall of wind, the person who was with me, and went for the first time, my caregiver’s friend, I don’t think really believed me. You actually lay on your stomach on the wind while freefalling. The whole time we were flying up there in the airplane, my left leg was right near the instrument panel. I was about to tell the pilot, if you need help flying, my leg will take over lol. Of course I tried to move my leg. I just didn’t put it right next to the flight panel. However the plane was really small. I was sitting on a pad on the floor, the pilot had a seat, my instructor was behind me, and the other two were in the back. Both times I went last time, I got to put my foot out on the tire. this time there was a step out there. I’ve been able to do the procedures all three times. I did pay for the entire package. I got video clips. The instructor mounts a gopro camera on his wrist. He recorded 7 short video clips of us all excited and cheering like .banshees before we boarded the plane. I said it’s my birthday and I’m turning 40… in the video!! I’m going to just post the link here, although the URL is location-specific, I’m going to shorten it. I couldn’t get it to play on the website. I downloaded the files and was able to get them to work. Apparently they don’t give out well… public… dropbox links anymore so I can’t put the files up there, and just post that. I tried sending that to a friend, and he said it made him log in.[]