This week, my new caregiver and I went grocery shopping. We also did my filing that never got done with the last two caregivers. We worked on laundry and carpets yesterday. She brought over a spot carpet cleaner. My last caregiver said she couldn’t figure out a carpet shampooer. I had the annual housing authority recertification appointment on Wednesday. I got the email from the caseworker telling me how much my rent would be that afternoon. My dad took me to Botox yesterday, because it was at 3:00 PM, I rescheduled the next one for the morning. I have my yearly service eligibility assessment on the 17th. I’m between casewrokers right now, because the lady who’s supposed to be managing my case is currently on a leave of absence. The fill-in is out working from home right now with an injury, so a lead worker, who I’ve never met, will come ask me very personal questions on the 17th. We also have to deal with mileage, because the new caregiver had a question about it, and doesn’t want to not document it whenever she takes me somewhere, like the last caregiver did. Which is unfortunate, because we weren’t limited in where we went. I currently get 11 miles a week, 44 miles per month, that’s what the state pays for. Apparently, even on long-term care, those miles are limited to one store of your choice. This is ridiculous, and they should just say 44 monthly is 44 monthly. The last caregiver didn’t claim or document the mileage, unless we were going to the pharmacy or doctors appointments, etc. This is why I got to go skydiving. I did offer her to pay for the mileage, like I’ve done on previous trips out of town with another caregiver, and have payed for the mileage. The state said that this is based on how far the store is. The nurse case manager who was here to sign the caregiver off on filling meds said we should pick a store further away. We do have those, so we could definitely do that. The state also said that I have to use prescription delivery. The pharmacy I switched to lost their delivery driver a while ago. However it seems to be the only pharmacy in town that gets meds on time.