For a long time, I suspected that the maintanence man that works for my apartment complex did not take me seriously. When my caregiver noticed problems with the heater vents, and cracks in the wall. I was correct about my suspicions. I also have a refridgerator that’s been leaking since August. An appliance person was here the 28th of last month, the first day I had with this caregiver, and he said it was just a slight leak. He found the rubber part that was leaking. He did take ice out of a tube in the freezer that wasn’t supposed to have it in there. He said it was a slow leak, which at the time didn’t seem like it was the case, because it was flooding the carpet next to the kitchen. He also said he was going to try to get a replacement fridge in here soon. Apparently, there was a lot of water building up in there. My caregiver said that every Monday and Thursday when she comes to work, she has to clean a large puddle off the floor. The main maintanence man they have, not the appliance guy, usually doesn’t follow up with me anyway, so I had her call him. He texted her right away, and asked her to send pictures of the walls. She did so, and also texted, and with some coaching, she isn’t all that tech savvy, emailed me the pictures. The maintanence man called back in a few minutes. He asked her the following question. “I noticed a water pitcher in the fridge, is that getting spilt?” Uh… no dude! That’s the system I use to keep up with my diabetes insipidus, and 19 out of 20 times I never spill that thing, even though I fill it all the way. Also, if I do spill it, it’s usually a small amount, on the floor next to the fridge, not on the carpet! What a ridiculous question!! Also, he wanted to put her contact information down, instead of mine. She does not live here, and I could possibly get my housing terminated if he does so. Although I’d need to ask the housing authority about that. I suppose the one thing that he doesn’t know is that I’m an honest an accurate records keeper, and he doesn’t seem like he is. He said the appliance guy came here on the 25th of September, not the 28th.