My hearing was yesterday. It went about as well as I would expect, given that I had absolutely no trial experience whatsoever. Right before the thing started, I got really nervous, and all theory left me. I kept interrupting the judge a whole lot, which you definitely are not supposed to do! I kept appologizing! I was fairly respectful though. I did call him sir a lot throughout the entire thing. A couple of my witnesses thought I was being rude at first. I was not intending to be rude, I just wanted to make sure he was hearing me clearly, because we were on the phone. At one point, the judge put me under oath, and toome my testimony. During that time, my mom, who had already testified, was sitting next to me, feeding me answers. She was not supposed to be doing this. It got loud enough for the judge to hear it. When he called it out, she had to get up and leave. While mom was testifying, she didn’t seem to want to answer questions. OK well she was at first, but then she started asking questions of her own. Your not supposed to do that either. This caused The state hearings representative to object.