this will be an issue for me. A major one. Google has been trying to stop Youtube users from running adblockers for quite a while now unsuccessfully. In fact, they’ve personally gone after me with the popups. I got around that by installing circumvention scripts. I refuse to pay for Youtube premium on principle, because I’m not a fan of Google’s advertising and data collection practices. In fact, I’m not a fan of Google services, and generally try to avoid them. To try and mitigate this while following cases, I have installed circumvention scripts. I’ve also been running uBlock Origin, on top of Brave’s built-in mitigation measures. I’ve used Brave for years. Unfortunately I will no longer be able to continue. i will have to switch to Firefox. Mozilla has called for censorship and deplatformming in the past, so I’m not in agreement with their policy positions either, but this move by Google will leave me absolutely no choice, unfortunately!! Now what to do with the Olympics and Peacock being majorly crashy last weekend while trying to stream the figure skating nationals is an entirely different issue, and I’ll keep Chrome around just for that.