I’m preparing to follow what will be most likely the final #Julian Assange extradition hearing tomorrow and Wednesday. this is basically a hearing to see if we need to have more hearings. In other words, two high court judges will decide if Assange has permission to argue further grounds for appeal. Unfortunately, I did not get a response back when providing reasoning for credentialing for access to the video feed. Most international journalists, especially ones in the US got their requests denied. A few european journalists have taken it upon themselves to go to the hearing, even if they weren’t planning on being there, so that they could cover it for us when the remote access failed. The court said they wouldn’t grant a credential to anyone not in England and Wales for the hearing. I understood that as if you couldn’t provide sufficient reasons for credentialing, we won’t grant your request just because you live in another country, and won’t be able to make it for the hearing. Apparently my interpretation of legal language was off this time, because they just started denying everyone who wasn’t going to be in England and Wales during the time of the hearing wholesale, including members of the press.