This is just the first part. I have more. Right now I’m having computer audio issues though. I would like to start the hearing thoughts by saying that it’s good to see the community just as active, despite The fact that X completely ended freee API access last year. The fact that more of us have not left centralized services for decentralized ones as I have, does not give me much hope for the future, though. I have come back from time-to-time, but not too often, as the web interface does not allow me to follow realtime events too easily. Thankfully I did figure out a solution to this, but it takes some doing on my part. In order to use X, I need to turn on post notifications for accounts who I know are going to have access to the hearing. This time this was done via a document that a member of the community was keeping. It can also be done by X lists. I also kind of followed the Lori Vallow verdict this way. I just let the notifications come in during vallow though. I wasn’t using the web interface to do the live reposting. I then enable the notifications in my phone’s settings. As the notifications come in, I use the web interface to follow them by refreshing each time my phone goes off with a new one. I would like to talk about my efforst with credentialing. I did seek a credential for me for this hearing, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to come up with a solution for the use of X. I didn’t actually, it was kind of on the fly. When I did send my first notice to the court that I was seeking a credential, I did so on February 6th. Three days later, I got back an attachment with the February 1st order. When I read the statement that said the court would not provide a credential to someone if they weren’t in England and Wales for the hearing, I understood that to mean that if you couldn’t provide sufficient reasoning as to why you couldn’t be in England and Wales during that time, etc. No, this is not my first time reading legal documents either, including Brittish ones. When I realized that everyone from outside of England and Wales was getting denied access to the video feed, I couldn’t believe it. That didn’t happen last time. It was extremely easy to be credentialed in 2021, as a member of the public. I just had to send an email, tell them I wouldn’t be able to attend, that I was living in the US etc. this definitely wasn’t huge surprise though. My X account is not this old, but I have an older one, and we’ve all done this before. from 2010-2012, during the swedish thing, and in 2020, during the trial portion of the US extradition case. I will say that I separated accounts in 2017, when I performed a username change on my personal account that was more inline with my personal identifier. When I did send back reasons for my credentialing to the court, they did not respond. I didn’t get an email saying my request was denied, like most of the journalists did.