B is for blindness and social media in 2024. I was going to write about a couple other things, but I think I need to address this. I’ve come across a whole lot of antidisability retoric lately in the fediverse. I’m not just talking about a post or two. I’m talking about someone advocating euthanasia. Well what it was, was someone sharing someone’s opinions advocating euthanasia. I was summarily blocked by a person while trying to confront them on their anti-disability views. Tip, to the person who blocked me others, I reach nowhere near left, or left-leaning status. I’m a registered Libertarian. I can’t support Trump, because of his surveillance state stances, and stances, or lack-there-of, on Assange and Snowden. I’m also: 1. pro 2nd amendment. 2. prolife, but not just when it comes to abortion. 3. Pro 1st amendment, and free speech. However, when you use public forums to insult a whole group of people you don’t like, en masse, over and over again, I think you yourself need to correct your errors in thinking. In other words, some things are parents taught us are good. If you can’t say anything nice is one. 4. I’m against open borders, sanctuary cities, or any immigration policies a lot of LP members are for. 5. As I said earlier, I”m anti-surveillance. I think PATRIOT and FISA need to be repealed, and thrown into the ocean. I would go a bit further though, I would end the agencies that are doing these things. 6. I’m anti-war. Obviously if someone comes over here, and starts killing us, that’s a different story, but I’m against foreign wars. There would be a few exceptions. 7. I’m a biblical Christian. In other words, I oppose torture, locking people away, unless they comitted a crime, and killing them, unless they’ve committed a certain set of crimes. Of course, you might say it’s all who I’m following. However not really. People on the left do not like people on the right because they say that we’re intollerant. I have to say that this is true, especially of late. People on the right do not like people on the left, because of the recent anti-freespeech practices they have taken toward us. It’s a valid concern. However the reasons are because a lot of conservatives refuse to update their thinking. When you use words from the 1970s and 1980s, it makes you look like you’re doing it to be stupid on purpose, you just don’t care, or you don’t like the group of people your attacking. Yes, language can update over time, without getting into newspeak. It has done that. We all know that words from the 1800s don’t mean the same things anymore. A couple months ago, someone who will remain anonymous here, wrote a post saying they were leaving social media. They gave some what I thought were interesting reasons at the time. However what they said in the end was that social media is a good idea on paper, but people ruin it. Unfortunately I’m unable to find it, and I didn’t save it to my bookmarking service which is rare for me. It also said that it has become a cult mentality. They were especially talking about the Fediverse. Well, the way I see it, there are two sides in the Fediverse. There’s leftism, and conservatism. Nothing in between. There is an instance for libertarians, but I’ve only seen and/or followed one account posting from it. Anyway, this post got really long, I just needed to address what I’ve seen happening lately. I suppose it wasn’t about my blindness persee, and I’m sorry about that. Maybe I’ll do another 31 questions series at some point.