First, yeah I missed my A to Z post yesterday. I had Botox for my Migrains, and as I result I was asleep most of the day. I’ll be posting today, tomorrow, and Sunday to catch up. That being said, today is letter D. for me. D is for Diabetes insipidus, and Doctors, which I happen to interact with a lot of. I’ll explain Diabetes insipidus. It’s like water diabetes. Wikipedia says the following, which I happen to agree with, and experience myself, as someone who has the condition: }Excessive urination and extreme thirst and increased fluid intake (especially for cold water and sometimes ice or ice water) are typical for DI.” [] I was diagnosed at 13, after a hosptial stay. To this day I can’t go on really long trips without large amounts of water. Speaking of that, my other letter D thing was to talk about my Doctors. I have four of them now. No, I don’t always follow orders lol. I mostly have four because of the strange US requirement that everyone have a GP, or primary. If I didn’t have to have her once a year, I wouldn’t have four. The newest one is conducting a whole bunch of tests on me on April 22nd. It’s been long suspected by my parents and teachers back in the 90s that I’m autistic. This was back in the 90s though. When I had the test back then, it was more of an interview, conducted in school, by a vision specialist. When I went to have my hearing for denial of services, I saught to put an evaluation in as evidence, but could not get the appointment in time. I received an appointment for an evaluation on the 22nd of this month. I told the state, that I would provide records to them. It’s only as a result of nearly 7 years of research of treatment tactics and techniques of autistic children, that I have come to realize that the suspicians of my parents and teachers may in fact have been true at the time. I disagreed with them back in the 90s, and up until around 2022 or so, I would say I still disagreed.