F is for Figure Skating, Flying, and Food. OK OK probably food first. Although I enjoy flying more than well, a lot of things. I do have a lot of favorite foods, but chinese and pasta have to top the list. On the other hand I also have a lot of food aversions, things I absolutely will not eat. I will not eat any pie whatsoever. I do not like the texture of it. In fact I don’t eat anything made with whipped cream, or cream cheese. There’s probably a longer list of what I won’t eat, than what I really, really like. Why do I say I enjoy flying more than a lot of things? It’s a whole bunch of fun, that’s all! I’m not really talking about jet flying! I’m talking about private flying, or body flying, or the flying sensation in general. Passenger flight is awfully boring these days. However, this definitely would not be, and I would like to try! [https://www.iflyworld.com/] For those who didn’t click, that’s a link to the iFly wind tunnels,. I’ve done the real thing, but that basically simulates skydiving. My instructor said that’s where they do their training.. Back when I was a kid in the 90s, I used to watch Figure Skating on TV. Figure Skating isn’t what it used to be. There was an entire season. Starting in around October, and ending in March or April, depending on when worlds finished. This is because there were quite a few professional competitions. These don’t exist anymore, and now what we have are more Olympic eligible competitions with professional ISU rules. In other words, back in the 90s, people competeing in Olympic Eligible ranks could not use lyrics. Now they can. In a way that’s good, because it modernizes things for them. However it completely does away with the fact that the professional circuit has disappeared.