H is for one not-so-nice thing, and one very nice thing. Headaches and Hope. Unfortunately I have chronic headaches on a daily basis. They’re considered migrains. I get Botox for them every three months. We don’t know what’s causing them, but I tend to think they’re from my lack of pituitary. My doctor thinks otherwise though, which is rather annoying. Caffeine does not help them, unfortunately. I just had my last Botox appointment on April 4th. H is also for Hope. Hope is the name that God gave me. I’m not going to divolge what my former legal name was, but you can find it if you do enough research. I say it’s the name that God gave me, because I wanted to change my name but really couldn’t decide on one. I was part of a prayer group at church, and someone there started to call me “Hope.” It was around that time, that someone on our church bus also started to call me that. It took me a couple years of reflection, then I decided to use the name online. I finally decided to make it official in February last year, but not before I was baptised a second time using the name. I’m sure it’s still on Youtube, it was on Easter Sunday in 2022. Oh OK, I’ll go look it up and link to it here. [www.youtube.com/watch