I is for internet, and Indieweb. Why both of those things? because after all these years I still believe there’s something cool about the internet, and I believe the Indieweb is it. In other words, small, personal sites. It’s why I hate Google so much. Mostly because blogging is all about SEO these days. I refuse to participate! Sure there are a set of protocols for the Indieweb, including Webmention, but it can also just be the directories of personal blogs and/or pages out there. You might ask, why I believe the internet is still cool, after all these years of censorship, centeralization , and surveillance? I suppose the answer is that if you rely on it every day you would want to take measures to protect it. However the other answer is that I enjoy doing emmense amounts of research, that I could never do without the internet. I do rely on open standards like RSS, although I’m still looking for good RSS hosting.