M is for Mastodon, and Memes. Mastodon is a decentralized and fedderated social media protocol, for anyone not living in the 2020s, or like 2017, for that matter. It’s had an influx of users over the past year in particular, because X ended free API access. I joined last year, when X didn’t make an exception for clients like TWBlue, and Tweesecake, which are accessibility-focused programs for blind people. I would have to say I like it most of all, because it supports RSS, which X didn’t, and still doesn’t. The way I describe Mastodon, is like early Twitter, because most people don’t know what it is. Early 2007 Twitter still supported RSS. Of course, I also say, it’s decentralized and federated. Most of the people I’m around don’t have an understanding of what that means when it comes to social media though. The other thing is Memes. No, I’m not talking bout the newer definition, image macros. I’m talking about blog memes. Here’s something that explains what they are. www.chrisg.com/what-is-a… There are two kinds of blog memes, the ones you get tagged in, and things like Wednesday Hodgepodge, which I’m surprised but very glad is still around, I think I’ll do one one of these days. [http://www.fromthissideofthepond.com/2024/04/hodgepodge-questions-volume-546.html] Sunday Stealing is also still around, and a great place for collecting questions, which I’ve done many times! [http://sundaystealing.blogspot.com/]This is also one of them. newthursday13.blogspot.com There used to be more of these things, in the earlier days of blogging. They’re definitely fun. There used to be a directory that cattaloged these called the daily meme, but the domain was for sale when I last visited. Now it looks like it’s experiencing technical difficulties. [http://thedailymeme.com/] I used to participate in these things, for some fun. Now I wish there were more.