The world failed to reach me for the past two days. Yes, I caught up at 12:00 pacific this morning. I now have officially found out that Julian Assange is free! I got up to get water, and go to the bathroom. I was going to to put something on from my Youtube subscriptions to go back to sleep. I have this userscript installed, so Youtube only shows me my subscriptions. [] In my subscriptions, it said, “Julian Assange finally free.” I couldn’t believe it, and had to go look it up! It’s true, Assange pled guilty to one single count, and the judge in the US district for the Mariana islands, yes this is where they held the hearing this time, determined that an appropriate sentence was time served. Obviously I’m happy he’s free! However, after 14 years, I wasn’t there to follow the final hearing. the world could not get to me the past two days. I was busy catching up on a case that I’m royally behind on, because it started in the middle of Daybell. I have a local case that I’ll be following in August, so I need to finish this one before that one starts. I also would like to follow the Baldwin thing coming up next month, but that’s completely optional. So yes I’m definitely celebratingg, but I also have a bit of guilt for not seeing things through!! []