Since I was behind on everything that went on over the two days while I was trying to catch up on the trial of Karen Read, who incidentally it looks like may have a hung jury and retrial. I’ve put together some links from the SaiPan hearing that happen late Monday into early Tuesday, because as one Youtube attorney says “time is a construct.” He’s right, and I’m definitely not Familiar with SaiPan’s time zone! This is not a definitive list, if anyone has more, you can reach out to me on Mastodon at:… or my X account, which I’ve started using more after this… OK here it goes, most of these do come from centralized places, unfortunately! First, the plea agreement: [] OK, I honestly thought I was going to have to rescue my very old PACER account, in my very old legal name, to get this document, but thanks to Stefania Maurizi for posting it! OK OK, I just did a name change last year, and the plea document was giving me a bit of an issue until just now. Kevin Gosztola has covered Julian Assange, and his very long-running case from the beginning. He’s been able to get press access to most of the hearings, accept this last one, of course. He was live streaming during it, though, and provided updates as it was happening. [ There was another stream going on around the same time, done by Kristin Hrafnsson, editor of Wikileaks, and others. This one is really long, but he spends quite a bit of time going over the hearing and what happened in court. [] Here’s an X posts from Kevin Gosztola, with quotes from the hearing. [] Gosztola just did a stream today that gave us audio from this hearing which Kristin Hrafnsson, did mention on the 5 hour long stream. “I got to listen to the audio of him interacting with the judge in SaiPan.” Well, here it is, what I’ve been looking for for two and a half days finally revealed itself! [] This article from the Guardian, who I have a love-hate-kind of like little bit right now relationship with, puts it altogether, and quotes Hrafnsson, extensively. [] I have just finished digesting the plea, and when I’m not so over the entire universe about this whole thing, like maybe sometime next week, I might come back and explain how this hearing worked. We don’t normally do plea and sentencing hearings all in one, and this plea agreement contained provisions for well if crap went wrong! I’ve never actually seen that in any state plea filing I’ve ever read before. We also don’t normally waive the PSI, (pre-sentencing investigation report,) unless both parties ask for it. Yeah it’s something I’ve seen, but both sides have to agree. We did here. OK OK there was more stuff than that, a lot more, hah! Instead of taking all night to get to it, I’ll just put the links in here lol! The first one is an X thread from a local SaiPan reporter who was in the hearing. [… This is from KUAM news on SaiPan right after the hearing, it includes clips of Barry Pollack, Julian’s lawyer, speaking. Yes, unfortunately it’s on Facebook, I can tell you how to get around that, but it requires an userscript manager. [] One more from KUAM news, a longer video with a longer statement from Pollack. []